Thursday, July 20, 2006

Heroes in the News

From Variety:

-- Frank Miller will write and direct THE SPIRIT based on the comic book by comic icon Will Eisner.

-- Both DEADMAN and THE DOOM PATROL are in development. DEADMAN is being developed with director Guillermo del Toro and producer Don Murphy. Writer-producer Akiva Goldsman is handling DOOM PATROL.

-- THE INCREDIBLE HULK (remake) is going into development with the director of THE TRANSPORTER series attached.


DecoderRing said...

A Spirit movie? Frank Miller? The mind boggles... the pulse quickens...

The potential for greatness is high, and the downside is low... even if it wasn't terribly good, it would introduce Denny Colt to millions who should already know him. And while I don't know how much actual directing Frank Miller did in Sin City (I really don't know... I've heard different stories)... I'm excitied at the prospect of him writing it.

Bill Cunningham said...

Jeph Loeb wrote a first draft which is what I think Miller will work off of - just guessing there.

Del Toro on DEADMAN is what has me excited though. A good combination of influences there.

Christopher Sharpe said...

Del Toro on DEADMAN will be awesome. Bring that shit on. The thing about Del Toro is that he will make it into a real MOVIE. He also knows how to create a living, breating world for his flicks.

Frank Miller on the SPIRIT, I'm not too sure about. I will definitely see it, but it's not something I am too excited about. The essence of THE SPIRIT, to me, is the language of comics, moreso than the stories themselves.

But I guess SUPERMAN RETURNS hasn't killed Hollywood's enthusiasm for superhero movies.