Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Cutting Edge of Blade

I don't know if you've been watching it, but one of my guilty pleasures has been BLADE: THE SERIES that is on Spike TV. While I've pounded the last movie, the TV series at least takes the time to build its mythology and characters and really deliver the bang for the buck (each episode is produced for $2M).

But what's really interesting is the attitude the producers are taking with the DVD set for the first season. In this interview, Producer and Writer/Creator David Goyer talks about the DVD with Comic Book Resources and reporter Jonah Weiland:

Well, you know, there was something that I pulled. Every episode we film additional material for DVD release. The DVD episodes will be R-Rated, which will be kind of fun, so we film alternate dialogue and will have full frontal nudity and things like that. There was something in the final episode in which one of Marcus' familiars is banging another familiar and the girl was completely naked and we knew we couldn't do that, but Blade ends up dispatching her and she's totally naked when it happens, so it's pretty extreme.

So, you said no to that?

I thought even for my tastes it went too far.

But it made it in there?

It's going to be in the DVD release.
In an age where producers are scrambling to put together the financial equations to make series work, this is a simple way for BLADE to make sure they could up the numbers for the DVD set and offset any losses from the series. Here, Goyer is basically teasing the comic book audience into getting the DVD - because it's something they haven't seen before.


RogerRmjet said...

This is semi on-topic. I was just reading the Esquire interview with Dave Chappelle about why he walked. It basically came down to the fact that he sold his control of the show for $50 million. It immediately dawned on me (and I hope it does him, too), that he is in a perfect position to just go straight to the web and DVD releases. He has firmly established his brand. Seasons 1 and 2 broke sales records all over. He could just do sketches as webisodes, then sell DVD sets. Then he'd make his true fortune without losing any control.

Dave, I hope you're listening.

Kelly J. Compeau said...

I'm a huge fan of the show and knew this R rated version of the DVD was in the works right from the start. Me likey very, very much!

KJC (who intends to do the same thing with her show)

Christopher Sharpe said...

I don't have cable so I haven't seen the show, but this is super-cool. I'm definitely going to buy this just to cast my vote for doing more things like this in the future.

Piers said...

That David Goyer is one smart cookie.