Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Car Salesman By Any Other Name...

We've discussed how movies are sold worldwide - Sellers and Buyers gather together in hotels and pavillions all over the globe and conduct business. They try to outdo one another in making the deal. Buyers want to buy packages of movies cheap. Sellers want to sell packages of movies and want a big movie or series to 'hook' the buyers into their offices so they can sell those packages. It's the same principle that drives people to the fresh markets - in fact I expect to see butchered, smoked flesh hanging about the Loew's Hotel this AFM. Right next to that indie drama some film school graduate thought would be his artistic "statement."

But these pics of the booth in Mipcom look downright civilized don't they?
I suppose it's the wonderful banners across the back wall advertising THE TUDORS...

See - the Buyers sit down at the table with the Sellers and watch trailers and look at the artwork. Haggling is done and deals are signed.

It's that simple.

But you have to give the Sellers something to sell and the Buyers something to buy...

Maybe NOT so simple.

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