Sunday, October 15, 2006

Poking About A Bit...

In the midst of this move, I decided to waste time gussying up the place. The nifty little slideshow in the header is from and you can do the same with your pages too. Kind of mindless fun - which is very appropriate for the mad pulp bastard these days. I even made a slide show of pulp magazine covers that I'll have to post up. It's hypnotic.

Hmmm...maybe I'll run a contest or two around these slideshows and the winner is the one who guesses the theme linking the covers.

Things will be hectic this coming week as I move out of the secret mountain HQ and into temporary quarters. My computer and all my work will be over with the fine folks at Firebrain Design who I'm working with on all these Peace Arch campaigns. Speaking of that - the picture above was written by one of the Great White North's new pulp screenwriters and regular DISContent reader, Tim McGregor. Congratulations on having your screenwriting cherry popped!

It's being released in the US by Genius Products and in Canada by KBoom. Tim and I corresponded about his adventures in pulp filmmaking, and it's a blood-curdling tale to say the least - especially with all the cheese fries involved. I did all of the photo edits on this one, and saw the finished product only after I edited everything and wrote the captions. That's the way it works sometimes, guys.

Also coming up is an interview with the director of a film that is destined to be a pulpy camp classic - MONARCH OF THE MOON! It's a film with a ton of production value for very little money. It has style and wit and is a lot of fun. It will be released in December by Image.

I'm also arranging an interview with my pulpy pal in Brooklyn: Writer-Director James Felix McKenney and his film AUTOMATONS.

It's my goal with these interviews to show you how pulp screenwriting is turned into pulp filmmaking - creating cool movies for less - so we can all get off our collective ass and do it.

Stay tuned...

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