Friday, December 08, 2006


Getting pulled in a dozen different directions as the end of the year approaches...I'm disappointing a couple of people as I put off things I committed to earlier (sorry, Ariana!) so I'm going to concentrate on work this weekend and clean the old plate.

Couple of things:

HUSTLE (featuring my future paramour Jaime Murray) is shooting in Hollywood this week two blocks from the pad. My roommate is working for them as an American thug. I told him to liberate a script from production so we can see how they do it over, here.

I said this to Phil Morton the other day in the course of a very cool chat where yours truly pontificated a bit about low budget filmmaking (not that my ranting made it a cool chat). Out of that, I observed the one thing that would elevate the quality of many of the pulp movies we're seeing on the shelves these days. That is:

The lower the budget, the more a film has to be designed.

That includes the script, the lighting, the production design, the camera work and especially the sound.

More on this later as I plug this into my mad pulp bastard manifesto.


Emily Blake said...

I love Hustle.

The dude who plays Danny did an excellent job playing a lost soldier named Blythe on an episode of Band of Brothers.

Not even remotely the same character.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Like this latest posting a lot. Take a look at some low budget films where script, sound and image is just seamless and cohesive, has a "pulp auteur" feeling. Kind of like listening to a Beach Boys song, there's this organic feel like all the parts grew together and compliment and contrast each other perfectly.

I think some films that give me this feeling are PI, DUEL, HALLOWEEN, RUN LOLA RUN, EL MARIACHI (well, not so much there) EVIL DEAD, PIECES OF APRIL...