Saturday, December 09, 2006

It's Raining...

Here in Southern California. It's really not supposed to do that, but it is a good excuse to stay inside and get that work done I promised a few folks. Monday will start seeing some results of my efforts this weekend.

I really haven't done a lot this year and I only have myself to blame. I need to catch up on the writing and producing so it runs concurrently with the movie marketing. To that end I'm creating another web presence which will house my work and make it available to appropriate parties so they can read my screenplays, short stories, articles and other material. It will be easier than sending out resume's.

I will be updating the blog for the upcoming year. Some links will go away and new ones will appear as I focus the blog and its purpose. It is going to undergo a face lift and the focus will be on becoming a pulp writing and producing resource. The future is what you make of it and if we are to believe what everyone is saying, writers must become their own producers in order to survive. The jobs will be too few to let control be in the hands of others.

If you haven't guessed it yet, I am representing select films and their producers to the DVD market. I have placed my first movie, SEX MACHINE with Anthem Pictures and have signed the representation deal for the second. I will announce that second movie in the coming month. This is an outgrowth of my marketing and producing work as I not only meet and know marketing folks at DVD distributors, but the acquisition people as well.

If you would care to submit a film for consideration, I will be posting my criteria for submission in January 2007.


Roger Alford said...

Congrats on a great 2006, Bill. You've really done a great job branding and positioning yourself as the Pulp/DVD Premiere expert, all due to this blog (and mostly within a year). If that's not a testament to your marketing savvy, I don't know what is. You continue to be the first site (usually) I check every day.

Looking forward to an even better 2007.

Roger Alford said...

Absolutely fraking great news on HR today: Sam Raimi is finally realizing his dream of doing a Shadow movie. I couldn't be more psyched!

Arctic Goddess said...

That is really cool, Bill. I'm a late arrival to your blog, but I find so many interesting tidbits of information within. And the comments from your readers are insightful and often entertaining. As a newbie, I must confess there are times when I have no clue what you guys are talking about, but I do my research and get caught up, most of the time. You must spend an amazing amount of time parked in front of your computer.


Cunningham said...

Thank you Roger and Goddess. Your checks are in the mail.

I'll post on the good news later tonight. I need some sleep first.

Cunningham said...

Okay. I'm celebrating with the rest of the firebrain crew for the holidays.

in other words - I'm drunk.

More SHADOW later.