Thursday, January 25, 2007

Fifty Things Guaranteed to Horrify You

Okay , so in following the lead set by Scribe LA, Scott and Emily in their respective blogs, here are 50 things you don't know about me.

50. I used to work in a gym as a manager and trainer.
49. I also used to work in construction for a real estate company, renovating an old cotton mill.
48. I was shot once when I was 14.
47. I had my tonsils out when I was 21.
46. I used to hold a Top Secret security clearance.
45. I haven’t seen my sisters since I was 19.
44. I used to refuel the F-117A Stealth fighter.
43. I’ve been to Area 51.
42. I hate liver, even with onions. My mother once tried to trick me by grinding it up and making it as a hamburger but I knew better and spit it out on the dinner table.
41. When I was in 5th grade, a boy committed suicide after he accidentally shot his father during an argument.
40. I used to speak German well enough to be slapped in Germany, Austria and Deutsch speaking Belgium.
39. I went to a Catholic High school that is no longer. Good riddance.
38. I played football one season in High School. I hated it but if we didn’t all play the school itself wouldn’t have had a team.
37. I have two degrees - one in History and one in Media Arts (aka film and video).
36. I want to bring the movie serial back to the theater.
35. I once rode in the same elevator with Ron Jeremy.
34. I’m the baby of my family.
33. I resemble my father. When I was 10 and younger I resembled my mom.
32. My nickname used to be “BC”.
31. I had a hernia when I yanked a fuel hose out of a truck. I felt something tear, but it didn’t hurt until hours later.
30. I used to live in Vegas. No, I don’t gamble.
29. Star Wars and Close Encounters changed my life.
28. Dogs. I will not date a “Cat-woman.”
27. I’ve shot Craftmatic adjustable bed commercials.
26. I like good furniture.
25. Green tomato sauce pizza - My Father’s Pizza; Black Mountain, NC.
24. I shot a movie in the same town where the end of DELIVERANCE was filmed.
23. We used to get off school to go to the Masters golf tournament.
22. I went to my prom in my Dad’s tuxedo.
21. I once had a dog named Biscuit who had her puppies on my bed. I got rid of the mattress - fast.
20. I once stood barefoot in the snow to get a Coca-Cola (and to prove a point).
19. DC or Marvel? DC
18. The first time I went to NYC it was for a screening of the movie that I worked on in SC called RIPE.
17. I used to deliver chicken wings in college. It paid for a lot of things - especially during football season.
16. My first screenplay was called PATCHWORK and it was about a dead gangster resurrected by toxic waste, who must replace his worn out or shot off body parts with those of his victims - the former members of his gang who ordered his hit. I’m going to turn it into a comic.
15. I’m addicted to TRADING SPACES, PROPERTY LADDER, FLIP THIS HOUSE, AMERICAN CHOPPER, and yes, even DEBBIE TRAVIS (except when she uses that cheap ass silver leaf foil).
14. I was ranked as a Pro-marksman when I was a youngster.
13. I once stuck my finger down a girl’s throat to get her to throw up the half-liter of grain alcohol she chugged down.

12. I once came home drunk and tripped over the television in front of my Dad. He was not amused.
11. My Mother has a thing for dachshund novelties.
10. As a kid, I spent one summer in Iowa with my family at my grandparents house. I read five Shadow novels that summer, and I was hooked.
9. I learned the hard way that you should never get your honey where you get your money.
8. My Dad and I agree on a few things: James Bond, serials and Rumpole of the Bailey.
7. I knew I wanted to get into movies when I sat down with a bowl of popcorn and watched a serial with my Dad , and we both became these eight year old boys. The serial - DAREDEVILS OF THE RED CIRCLE - was one he remembered as a kid and he never got to see how it turned out.
6. I was raised in the Lutheran church, went to a Catholic high school and graduated from Presbyterian College.
5. I start writing when there is absolutely positively nothing else I can do to use as an excuse - the research is done, the outline, the characters are real and all of the laundry, dishes and housecleaning has been done.
4. I was once run over (hit actually) by a car.
3. I once jumped into my Dad’s car and pulled the brake, letting the car roll down the driveway. I don’t know why. (and yes, the car was fine).
2. I was in the play K2 in college and nominated for an Irene Ryan Acting Award.
1. When I first got here, I wouldn’t have been able to stay in Hollywood if I hadn’t cashed in the value on my life insurance policy.


Aric Blue said...

And why is the first thing I want to ask about--out of all that interesting stuff--Area 51?

Cunningham said...

Yep. When I was in the USAF. I've also been to other "areas."

oh, and in #3 - I was five or six years old when it happened.

wcdixon said...

cool...but tonsils at 21, that musta hurt.

Cunningham said...

Yeah, but it was either that or not swallow for the rest of my life. I had a serious series of colds and sore throats during my freshman year of college, that resulted in inflamed, ulcerated tonsils that touched each other in the back of my throat.

Doc said they were hard as rocks and had to take an extra hour or so to get them out.

All better now.

Screenplays for Sale said...

You forgot almost getting smashed in the head by me with a can of bug spray while trying to kill a Roach!

Cunningham said...

Dude - I can't even remember that...are you sure it was me?

(FYI - Craig and I went to film school together)

ME said...

Fun stuff. I'd reciprocate, but I don't blog ... but wait, Will does ... tag, Darkcloud, you're it!

Screenplays for Sale said...

Yes, it was you. One of those nights when you didn't feel like driving back to Aiken SC so you camped on the living room floor of Mat's and my apartment. I went ape-shit because I hated the Palmetto bugs (roaches) and was chasing the fucker all over the apartment and slamming the can down (several times near your head - spraying insecticide which is probably why you left!). You packed up the sleeping bag and walked out the door without saying a word. As always, the bourbon was flowing heavily that night so that can account for you not remembering.

Ahhh.....Good Times

Cunningham said...

The things you learn in film school.

Maybe I went to my brother's house in Irmo.

Oh well.

(We now return you to DISContent)