Monday, February 05, 2007

Sprechen Sie Action?

Screenwriter, novelist and yes, blogger Lee Goldberg talks about his recent time in Germany where he lectured on the American method of developing scripts in a Writer's Room.

Lee's post is here where he talks about two of the main networks (Pro Sieben and Sat1) are demanding that their German series producers adopt the American method of a Showrunner and a Writer's Room. Apparently this is to counteract the fact their homegrown German series (such as ALARM FUR COBRA 11, DER KLOWN) aren't fairing as well as American series are doing on German TV.

Here's a sample from YouTube:

I worked for a couple of days on a pilot that went to series for Pro Sieben called JETS. The pilot was shot here in Los Angeles and told the stories of the German jet fighter pilots who trained here in the US and went back to Germany to work.

It seems they have the action down, but need to work on the hardest part of all - the story.

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