Friday, February 23, 2007

When in Germany...

do as the Americans do... but with a German flavor.

Matt Witten is interviewed by Deutsche Welle about his trip to Germany with Lee Goldberg to speak to German TV writers and exchange ideas.

An excerpt below:

TV is essentially escapist, and Germany still has a fascination with the US. Might German TV writers be fighting a losing battle, because their audiences are actually quite happy not to have home-grown shows?

My guess is that Germans would respond really well to a terrific home-grown show. It's only logical. I used to live in Saratoga Springs in upstate New York and I would always be intrigued by any novel set there. I'm Jewish, so I always enjoy Jewish novels. If a story is somehow close to me I'll be interested…. I have two children and I'm always interested in a story about a dad with kids. So I can only imagine that if I were German I would want to watch shows in German, I would think: "Hey, we Germans can put out good shows too." I'd feel proud.

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