Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hinterlands Ho!

As some of you know I hopped on a plane Thursday morning and flew to SC to celebrate the fact that after 50 years my parents' marriage hasn't ended in a murder-suicide. It was a complete surprise as they had no clue that I flew in to see them. I'll be posting pictures of the whole affair later.

Things here are green mixed with autumnal browns and reds. It is all very country and spread out physically, but small towns being what they are everybody knows everyone. At the restaurant last night we had many well-wishers stop by and wish my parents a happy 50th.

I will be celebrating my birthday this week and travelling around the state on business.

I had the opportunity to stay up late last night, what with the three hour time difference) and watch some local television. For my Canadian readers, they will be happy to know the following:

While it is cool that DAVINCI'S INQUEST is being broadcast on superstation WGN, it is in the rural areas where Canadian culture is taking a slice of broadcast hours. At least in SC anyway. I watched COLD SQUAD, STONE UNDERCOVER and two DAVINCI'S on two separate channels. From 11pm to 2 am you can see the Maple leaf flying.

This is significant for two reasons:

1. Yes, Canada we are watching your shows.
2. You can be a success and not have to be in Los Angeles or NYC. There is stuff that happens in the "Flyover." These syndicated shows are fulfilling a market need. It may not be in the blue urban cities, but in the green, green grass of home.


Aric Blue said...

Happy B-Day! Did you get any of that snow that blanketed us today in Maryland?

ME said...

Congrats to Mrs. and Mrs. Cunningham! Look forward to the pix.

And Happy B-Day to you, my friend. May the coming year be a happy and fulfilling one for you.

Interesting re: the Canadian TV. Most of those show's didn't hit U.S. syndication til they'd built up a significant number of episodes here and actually after they were cancelled here ... go figure.

wcdixon said...

Back in the 'good old days' a lot of the service prod shows were on down their in most markets or went into syndication (but primarily because they were already affiliated with a US net to begin with)...but cool that those all-Canuck shows are getting airtime. Maybe certain distribs up here are making more inroads (that was another problem - inexperienced distribs up here with seemingly little US street cred).

Wild about the 50th, and b'day...twin boys.


MaryAn Batchellor said...

Best wishes and congrats all round.