Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Big Meal - One Byte at a Time

I decided against the over-linky post I alluded to earlier as it would have been all over the place, confusing and incoherent (more than usual anyway). Besides, I've found the material I deal with in this blog is more effective in bite-sized posts...

or is that Byte-sized posts?

What's interesting to me in this article is the fact that Adams Media research automatically assumed that downloading would take away from DVD sales.

I'm thinking that the opposite will happen. Downloading will spur DVD sales across the board especially if they market it all correctly.
  • Downloading content is one of the best ways to advertise a dvd "must-have collection". We already look at a theatrical release as the "advertising" for the DVD sales, so it's silly to think that downloading a movie - especially something made for the internet like SOUP OF THE DAY - will have a negative impact and reduce sales.
  • Even if there is chartable evidence to sugest otherwise, there are all sorts of ways around it: advertising, product placement, Bump discs, promotions, etc...
  • People will want their best downloads on a disc for their collection. They will want DVD "essentials" like commentaries, B-T-S featurettes, photo galleries, etc... in an archival format.
  • Does this mean there will still be a Cockbuster store on every block ? No, it means that people will be able to order the DVD collection or purchase it at their favorite retailer like Wal-Mart (which sells 40% of all DVDs sold in the USA). It means you'll be able to go to a kiosk somewhere and get the DVD burned right there for you in five minutes. It means you'll be able to keep the program you downloaded onto your ipod or iphone - but it won't be exactly the same program available on the disc.
The intellectual property is the big meal - the various media will be the different courses of the dinner...and for some time to come there will be a disc in DISContent.

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