Sunday, March 18, 2007

When's A Good Time?

Mark Cuban posted an interesting piece friday on when people actually watch internet video. You can read it here.

Not surprisingly most people watch some sort of internet video during the work hours - either following up on links that were sent to them via email or just trolling around looking for items of interest. I'm sure employers are not amused.

The next biggest block of time spent is after dinner, and the third is on weekends. It all flies in the face of this idea that we as a society are consuming media at our convenience, meaning anytime. By the facts and figures, we are consuming it when we have access and not accessing it at our convenience.

Cuban makes an excellent point about creating a specific time for viewers to log on and watch - in essence making internet video "must see tv" by making sure that the stream only comes on at specific times and charging advertisers accordingly.

Taking that idea further - you could make the stream "destination video" for free then have it available for a modest price for downloaders (at their convenience, which as we all know convenience costs).

This brings two revenue streams into play and makes sure they aren't competing with one another. It also creates a demand (or a seeming demand) by making it available free for a limited time.

This would be a great scenario for a serial...

Every Saturday it would be available or free at a certain time. Afterwards, it would be available via Itunes or some other service (CinemaNow, Moonbeam, Fangoria TV, etc...). Thus generating revenue, building the audience and gauging demand for a DVD collection (via a forum discussing the ins and outs of the show, that week's chapter, etc..) or a cable premiere.

So, to answer the question - When's a good time? - I would have to say:

"For a limited time only."

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