Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Be Someone of Distinction

Mike Curtis over at HD for Indies has a podcast up of an interview he did with the guys over at Fresh DV. I suggest all the independent DiY types go over and check it out if you haven't already, because there's important info that directly pertains to your future in the entertainment business...especially as we become more enmeshed in the web.

What Mike discusses and what we try to preach at the Church of the Holy Pulp is how marketing goes hand in hand with the creation of content. It's important - now more than ever in this age where you can find anything and everything on the web - that you create entertainment that is distinctive and speaks to the audience you want to go after.

You have to stand out in the crowd (or in the case of a DVD, out on the shelf). See there's a lot of what I like to call "indie crap" out there. Stuff that we've all seen before and better. You cannot become bogged down in that swamp. You have to rise above with stuff that:

a) Has production value (looks good, sounds good, moves well).
b) Is accessible (easy story hook that people can pass on to others)
c) Is entertaining.

People want entertainment from the web. Studios right now are slowly getting involved because there isn't enough money in it for them to just jump right in and dominate. When they do put programming into play and their production dollars and stars show up onscreen - more people will jump into downloading. Already we have doubled the amount we've downloaded from a year ago, so now is the time to develop entertainment that people want to invest their time.

Develop a reputation for delivering quality entertainment to a specific audience and the web is yours. You can't be middle of the road - it all looks the same - so be distinctive.

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