Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Future at Your Fingertips

I am a firm believer in "just doing it" when it comes to learning how to operate computers, video cameras, writing screenplays (especially for shorts) and learning who and what about the film/media business. Hands on experience is a great teacher and reinforces the lessons learned. There are no great secrets about writing or filmmaking that can't be learned by diving in and making some mistakes. Some of those "mistakes" can turn out to be "happy accidents" that lead toward developing a style and point-of-view.

But every now and then, a concept or methodology eludes our grasp and we need some expert guidance - or at the very least guidance from someone who has "been there and done that."

Scott Kirsner's generally excellent blog Cinematech has an interesting post up about Metacafe's production school, that really kicks ass in terms of a good reference point for the film beginner. The resource page is especially interesting and helpful as it collates dozens of links to free software and web resources . This is good for those of us who can't always break open the trust fund or even the piggy bank, and for the seasoned pro who wants to experiment.

I am particularly fond of all the video tutorials, something I could have used back in the day when I was futzing around with a 3/4" deck and a camera.

These kind of production and post resources, combined with the screenwriting links in my sidebar create an unbeatable arsenal for the newly mashed pulpster. There's no excuse not to go out and create your own pulpy masterpieces. I expect to see hundreds of new projects launched within the year, and want screeners and links sent to me upon completion...

Oh dear God, what have I done?


wcdixon said...

"...futzing around with a 3/4" deck and a camera."

Ah, remember those days well. Yeah..the kids these days have it good, if they choose to take advantage of it.

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Kelly J. Compeau said...

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