Tuesday, July 24, 2007

But, of Course!

This is exactly what you would expect to see on my desktop:

This is a really simple camera to use - both in shooting and for uploading video, which is both a good and bad thing. There aren't many options, but it's perfect for interviews, documentary work and the like. Its portability is a plus as I can stick it anywhere and get rather unique points-of-view. It doesn't have a "mount" for a tripod or anything close to that, so it's "re-invention"time. Since all of this fits in my briefcase, I'm using that as my operational parameters - I can make or buy anything as long as I can fit it all in a small shoulder bag or briefcase. Smaller if possible.

I'm going to try a few experiments with motion to see what it can do. I tried a bit this morning, but as the camera wasn't firmly mounted it all looked like a scene from EARTHQUAKE.

Ideas are forming....

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