Monday, July 23, 2007

Pulp Screenwriting Link Fu

It's not pretty, nor polished. It maybe isn't your cup of tea, but rather a sippin' whiskey.

But here it is by request:

Before you get started: (pulp - what is it?) (Number one rule) (script reading) (pulp attitude) (tool kit) (motivation/ pulp philosophy)

Beginning: (titles) (titles) (loglines)

Building the concept: (power of “what if” / brainstorming) (breaking story) (The Genius of Arkoff) (working up a concept)

Building the story itself: (pt. 1 of outlining) (pt. 2 of outlining) (pt. 3 of outlining) (rule of threes) (Checklist for your script) (How to write less making it seem to be more) ( A master at work)

The actual writing: (writing technique based on one page of a script of mine) (writing technique) (writing technique) (Don’t do this) (pitching) (treatments) (being creative- how) (Writing lean and mean) (story momentum) (more lean and mean) (pulp screenwriting)

After it’s written: (you will be rewritten) (the challenge of story) (getting notes)

Fun, pulpy crap: (Craigslist, marketing yourself (where money factors into the equation) (????) (Hollywood should be a business) (The future of pulp screenwriting) (pulp hero movies) (conceptualizing) (Roger Corman distills it all down) (A good example of pulp filmmaking) (After the script is written) (distribution and marketing in 4GM)

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Scott Eggleston said...

An awesome list. Thanks Bill.