Sunday, July 22, 2007

Today, I am a Studio...

It was a lazy Saturday night last night, and I was bored. The sun was just beginning to creep down into the ocean and I felt the need to get out of the house.

I say this because, quite frankly, that's how this started...I want to put the whole thing in the absurd context that it inhabits.

So I get out of the house and start walking, with no particular direction in mind except west. I'm scooting along Santa Monica Blvd, getting my exercise when I saw Target off in the distance and decided to go window shopping. Maybe I would pick up some shorts or socks if they were on sale. (Not only am I a mad pulp bastard, but in the days prior to Comic Con I am a relatively frugal bastard to boot.)

So I am wondering around Target (or as the shi-shi say, "Tar- jhay") and I wander over to the bikes, and to the exercise equipment, and the office equipment, then over to the electronics. That's when she caught my eye. She was sleek, supple and dare I say it near bare in her presentation. I heard my own sharp intake of breath as did the salesman.

Salesboy: She's somethin' isn't she?

Boy Genius: I want I want I want...

Salesboy: I haven't had the nerve myself, but the boys around her say she fits right in the palm of your hand, smooth as a ... well, smooth.

So I went and picked her up.

(Cause, damn it, I can be a smooth bastard too. I CAN! Quit laughing, you in the back. Yeah, okay. I'll see you outside Mister Smartypants!)

Anyway, there she was...

And the mind reeled and the thoughts flooded. This was what I was looking for!

Because now, with this camera, which by the way, was only $129.00...

And my laptop...

And all this free filmmaking software...

And these free resources...

I became a studio.

(I also bought a pair of shorts because, as Jim Henshaw puts it," No Studio Head is complete without a snappy pair of new shorts.")

Moving on...

Needless to say, she's moving in and we hope you all will be very happy for us. We've already gotten busy and went out on the town this morning to "test the waters" of our relationship. I am very pleased since I held her in front of me like I was looking for a number on my cellphone screen and just walked. No manipulation of any kind, just pure video. No muss, no fuss. Her manual is 4 pages long and shows me exactly what buttons to push when. I look forward to exploring our limits together.

(Okay, is this metaphor too much? Too transparent? Too sad?)

To make this relationship official, we've already announced a distribution partnership with YouTube --

(Okay, now it's too much, and way too sad)


Redjack said...

My friends and I made the same discovery. We too were a studio for a long time last year.

Check us out at

We're not making more right now (out of cash, alas) but we think what we did was pretty cool.

Maybe you will too.


Geoff T.

Kelly J. Compeau said...

Nifty, Bill. Great deal for $130.