Monday, August 20, 2007

And the Cat is Skinned Yet Another Way...

Robert Halmi Entertainment announces that they are releasing a slate of movies for Video-On-Demand (VOD) through Comcast.

You can read the whole story here via Content Agenda.

"The films, made for about $3 million apiece, won't be blockbusters. Stars of the science-fiction, action-drama and women-in-jeopardy stories will include Judd Nelson, Gary Busey and Marilu Henner.
"We're trying to put something unique in the VOD world," says RHI Entertainment CEO Robert Halmi Jr. They'll stand out because cable currently "gets the worst product" from Hollywood."


The more interesting part of the story (for many of us) is how this is integrated into an overal marketing and distribution plan. The movies will be tailored to each distribution channel - VOD, cable, DVD, etc...making each stop in the distribution plan unique and exploitable.

Unfortunately, this is the same company behind the new FLASH GORDON series.

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