Monday, August 20, 2007

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda...

or is that backwards?

Anyway, tune into BlogTalkRadio tonight for the Geekerati Podcast where the lovely Shawna Benson, masterful host Christian Johnson, the truly geeky Eric Lytle and your mad pulp bastard sit down and discuss those movies, tv shows, comics, games and books that should have sequels and/or remakes.

It's kind of the ever-popular reboot posts we do here on DISContent.

The fun takes place 7pm PST.

The labels for this post hint at the fun we will have tonight...


Roger Alford said...

Demolition Man! Yes! I love future-vision movies, and this one even put Sandra Bullock on the map. In Stallone's Q&A over at AICN last year, he mentioned that people are always asking him about the three seashells.

Knew I should have put this episode on my iPod last night...

marc bernardin said...

ah, Global close.

Bill Cunningham said...

Yes, well we didn't get around to Global Frequency so we'll have to cover that in another podcast.

Sorry guys!

We did cover a lot of other cool stuff that is listed in the tags though. We talk -- a lot.

Demolition Man - is Buck Rogers by another name and would be best served with a television mini-series or series. We went over a lot of why I like the character and his potential. Christian had some awesome contributions and observations as well.

But you can easily give us a listen by just hitting the player button in my right sidebar.

We also give it real good to FLASH GORDON.