Saturday, August 11, 2007

Flash! Aaaa--aw...shit.

I was just going to leave it to the critics who pretty much summed up my feelings about the new FLASH GORDON TV series on SciFi...
But let me add this: This is a show designed and produced by folks who pretty much didn't give a shit. You couldn't intentionally make it this bad, so it falls to logic that they didn't care, they cashed the paycheck and checked their creativity at the studio gates.

SciFi Channel, you get raves when you hire people like Ron Moore because he cares. You get raves when you pick up shows from people like Rockne S. O'Bannon because he cares. You get raves when you pick up shows from Andrew Cosby...

Because he cares!

Is this sinking in? Are you getting it?

The people who are making FLASH don't care, and you and everyone else involved is going to take a big red ink bath. Way to go guys! You took a classic and left it out to rot. At least these guys had style.


Bruce Findleton said...

Spot on. It's mind boggling in its un-Flash Gordon-ness. It has been unceremoniously expunged from the Tivo, never to soil its shiny disks again. I mean, come on, Ming the Thirty Something White Guy? Get a grip, SciFi.

Emily Blake said...

Yeah it was actually painful to watch. I decided I should watch the whole episode to be fair but I felt myself hoping desperately that it would end soon.

I think a lot of people tuned in thinking of Battlestar. But Battlestar it was NOT.

Piers said...

Oh dear.

You know the worst thing?

I'm still going to watch the pilot anyway.

I'm so not a happy bunny. And I suspect I'm going to be significantly less happy in a couple of days after I watch it.

[shakes fist at sky]



OK, look, it can still be saved. Did anyone watch the first half-series of Highlander? Dreadful. But then they brought in David Abramowitz as showrunner, and it became one of the best series on television.

Because he cares.

Bill Cunningham said...

Someone call Piers an ambulance. He's going to be blind and suffering a severe concussion after he rips his eyeballs out of his skull, and pounds said skull into the concrete hoping to drive the images out of his brain.

You think I'm joking?

I've been on the email all weekend with several folks about it. Conclusion is someone paid the execs over at Scifi a lot of money.

I am worried about Roger Alford though. He usually chimes in first with notes on such matters. I am willing to bet he is twitching in a pool of his own vomit muttering over and over, "Oh why dear God? Why?"

Either that or he saw the show, had a stroke and won't be heard from...ever.

Roger Alford said...

Still... recovering... from... stroke...!

You're right, Bill. Can't even begin to describe just how mind-bogglingly awful it was. Bad script, bad costumes, bad acting, bad-fraking-everything!

What's worse, they passed up Caprica for this!

rrh said...

I've heard Ming does not have facial hair. This feels like a bad sign.

Piers said...

What? Who said that? I can't see a thing. And my head hurts...

I still think it could be saved. After we'd stopped sobbing last night, housemate Nick and I did some brainstorming - given what's established already, how could we make this work? And within a couple of hours we'd worked out a story engine that could succeed.

It might get better. This article suggests that the pilot was rushed through to hit an airdate, so it may improve as the run goes on.

Again with the Highlander analogy.

It's also posted the highest numbers for a pilot on SciFi this year. Course, we haven't seen the week 2 dropoff yet.

Still. Don't think I'll be sampling again any time soon.

God. What a waste.