Monday, August 06, 2007

Thanks, Folks!

Dad is home and good.

I am picking up where I left off, and getting back to work. Thanks everyone who sent a note of well-wishes. I appreciate it.

I have two stories to finish this month and a ton of other stuff to get accomplished. I've been shooting some footage here and there (and deleting most of it) with the new camera. It's perfect for some ideas I've been percolating. I just need an actor...hmmm.

You should run over here where Jill Golick and I have been discussing JEKYLL. Great show and a great format - the six pack. I have discussed my plans with the format before (with DMc as I recall right before he did ACROSS THE RIVER TO MOTOR CITY - and no, it's just coincidence). I truly think it's a way to generate the kind of television that the medium needs right now. That is, a novelistic approach to a story with a beginning, middle and end. It's event television and a good TV DVD set.

At the very least it would be interesting to do something like the six-pack for the web, where the medium could add in backstory through text (blogs, interviews), images, audio and video. Attach free forum software and you're off and running.

Course, a lot of people are doing that very thing.

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