Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Must I Shout...

That the future is already here? Must I rant and jump up and down on the furniture of the DISContent Headquarters telling everyone that the new media has been within everyone's grasp for awhile now?

No. Not anymore.

TV Guide is doing it for me.

An official consumer-oriented magazine is holding a contest for best web series. In other words:

Web Video Entertainment has arrived.

Granted, many of the nominees are webisodes based on content created to promote regular television series, but the fact remains that original content and creators have been nominated.

Look over the nominees. Screen samples of their work.
But more importantly - vote.
Let TV Guide know that web entertainment matters to you.

Then, get inspired to do your own stuff.
We need ownership right now.

1 comment:

Roger Alford said...

I voted. Do I get a sticker?