Tuesday, October 30, 2007

We Now Return You To Our Regularly Scheduled Podcast

So last night I had some technical difficulties joining the gang over at the Geekerati Podcast (see sidebar player to your right). We were supposed to discuss Scary Television - horror television shows of exceptional quality...
So in the interest of my keeping up my end of the conversation, why don't you go over to the podcast and listen and wherever appropriate insert my comments:
My list of scary television (in no particular order):

The grand-daddy of horror television. From the 2 pilot movies to the regular series, Kolchak was a monster-of-the-week show that was a reflection of the writers and directors as well as star Darren McGavin. I only wish the remake had half the genius this show had.

THE OUTER LIMITS (original B/W series):
Another monster of the week show with overlapping scifi elements. Great stories with real emotion and superior production value and featuring great television and movie stars who sold the story to the audience. They also used the writing of renowned scifi and horror authors - Matheson, Ellison, Binder, etc...

A Vampire as the hero of a soap opera that played for five days a week. Barnabas was evil and ruthless but you understood his agony as we relived how he became a vampire. Groundbreaking.

A brand name that expanded beyond the hockey maskand machete movies. Great late night television.

TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED (based on stories by Roald Dahl):
Clever stories that fulfilled the promise of the series' title. Because it was syndicated late night it could "get away" with more horror.

Horror on Primetime network tv. Who'd a thunk it? From prolific genius Rod Serling who wasn't afraid to scare the pants off the adults.

Vampires are here and we have to do something about it - because they want to control their food supply. You couldn't see them on video nor hear them over the phone (a great continuation of the idea Vamps can't be seen in a mirror) but they can and will do whatever they have to in order to survive. A six-episode series from the UK that should have gone on to several more series, but didn't. What a missed opportunity.

"The Fugitive with fangs." Excellent makeup FX wrapped into a cheaply produced show that premiered on the fledgling Fox network back in the 80's. From Frank Lupo who was part of the whole Cannell explosion of the 80's tv. A lot of fun that played with the werewolf mythology.

Mixed elements of Kolchak with Werewolf , but set in a format/premise that allowed not only horror, but scifi thrills. One episode about an inbred family that kept reproducing throwbacks by tying the mother under the bed with chicken wire so she could "service" her boys was never broadcast on Fox again as it was deemed too gruesome and horrifying.
Yah gotta love that...


rrh said...

House of Frightenstein. Scared the hell out of me.

Kelly J. Compeau said...

"Home" was definitely the most twisted and grotesque of any X-Files episode I have ever seen. Perfect for Halloween.