Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Anybody Know This Guy?

Does anyone know who owns him?

(That means who holds the actual copyright for him now - in 2007 - and not who published him way back in the day)


Anonymous said...

Sorry to take so long in responding to this post, but I was without access to my pulp library.
I agree that the Black Bat is a great character; he had that whole blind crimefighter schtick going long before Stan Lee dreamed up Daredevil. I believe he may be in public domain, but I'm not sure. Check with Ginger Johnson at fadingshadows@juno.com. She edited the 3 volumes of TALES OF MASKS AND MAYHEM, and in the first volume is a new story of the Black Bat co-authored by her husband, Tom.

Enda said...

It seems that the series continued in Germany for a few decades.