Thursday, November 01, 2007

Joss Kidding...

By now the whole of geekdom is reeling over the announcement that Eliza Dushku (do I really need to spell out her credits?) and Geek TV's God of Thunder Joss Whedon (ditto) are teaming up for a new show called DOLLHOUSE.

This will be covered ad infinitum by the geekosphere, analyzing the most minute points in Joss's every word to the point of assigning numerical values to his speech in the hopes of unlocking the gates to some cyber rosetta stone of masturbatory material...

For those of you reading this who know Mr. Whedon or Ms. Dushku personally (and I don't mean in a "I beat off to their pics during my coffee break in my cubicle" sort of way) please pass along these words:

- You're doing new stuff. Very cool.
- You're working together. Again, mark a 'win' in the cool column.
- Joss, please make these 7 episodes you get from Fox a self-contained story. An American variation of the six-pack model of Television Storytelling we've enjoyed with shows like JEKYLL. Good for television, GREAT FOR DVD. This is an opportunity for you to explore the business model of television and stretch the limits. You been quoted as saying that the D2DVD model is an interesting way for an artist to get his material into the hands of his audience. Well kid, here's your chance.
(And just to let you know people want more material from you. In whatever form they can get it. They are wondering how to make it work for you so that everybody gets what they want. How often does a creator hear that from his audience?)
- Eliza, any day we get to see you, whether it's onscreen or at the local Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is a big win. We are really glad you're back (not that you went away or anything). Think about doing a DOLLHOUSE (web)comic.
- NBC, read the premise of DOLLHOUSE. You could have had something just as cool with this beautiful lady here:

But instead, we have a very pedestrian show that doesn't fulfill the promise of BIONIC WOMAN. You need to fix that, pronto.
Seriously. Demos are only going to get you so far, and then it comes down to numbers (at least for television).
(Don't get me started on how I would reboot this show. I don't need the stress...or maybe I do. I don't know. That's how ambivalent I am about the show at this point)
Edit to add:
This here where Joss talks about titles and how if something has a title... well, read it. It was as if he read my mind. That Whedon, watch him. He has powers.

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