Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday Morning Pre-Coffee Blather...

(Wherein your Mad Pulp Bastard discusses all those little tidbits floating around his cranium seeking expression. Let the reader beware.)

-- Been going through a tough time lately. Won't go through specifics at this point, but suffice it to say that it's nice to have friends who step up when you need them.

-- Note to all those people who visit my blog looking for "Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet" information. Go away. I broke the story here. Big deal. You didn't believe me then. Well maybe you'll believe me now when I say people have babies all the time. People break up - all the time. So the idea that this is newsworthy is simply ridiculous. Leave it alone. Get your own life and live it.

--Had a wonderful discussion with Tim Minear on friday. If you go over to my right sidebar and click the player you can listen in. Seems Tim is a real fan of the six-pack British form of television and Shawna and I recommended he watch Jekyll to see the form put to its best use. Tim is also a pulpster and has some D2DVD / DTV roots. Enjoy.

-- I can't wait to see this.

-- I can't wait to read these.

-- I have been concentrating (or at least making the attempt through this stressful time) on my story for Astonishing Adventures. It's going to be fun (for me at least) and when it is finally published (Issue 3?) I hope you will enjoy it, and give the guys some feedback. The PDF magazine is free and is sent to your email box. I encourage everyone (you, you and you especially) to stretch their screenwriting muscles, come up with a short story and send it in.

-- I'm also working on a treatment for a graphic novel I'm writing. I have the concept down, but haven't quite nailed the story. If you know of any artists who are willing to work with me - I do have a publisher lined up - then let me know. It's an old school scifi - aviation adventure series with tons of design influences from the thirties. Just like FLASH GORDON or SKY CAPTAIN (to use a movie reference).

-- In the comments section, send me links to the web serials or series that you are watching. Tell me why you like them and what you want to see the format grow to do in the next couple of years. Do you post comments on the video sites? Do you seek out merchandise from the same folks who brought you the web serial - t-shirts, books, music, toys, etc..?

Okay, the caffeine has kicked in, and my blathering will halt. It is now your turn.


EditorJDC said...

the tough times Bill. There always seems to be another mountain to climb when you submit the current one.

Yuck! That was too new-ager for me.

Astonishing Adventures has the first print edition up at Lulu (for cost of printing only).

I'm looking forward to your story!

Editor JDC

MaryAn Batchellor said...

Had some tough times this year, too and friends appeared in the most unlikely places. Hoping things look up for you!