Wednesday, December 26, 2007

From The Bloody Desk of...


Hello everyone. My trusty laptop has been infected with a spyware bit of influenza so I'm typing this out on another while mine is being cared for by experts.

Things are going very well with the Knightmare radio script. Things that were unclear to me have been clarified and I'm moving the story along. People have been very interested in the title, but we're not quite ready to announce that just yet.

Soon though.

Gregg and I take this very seriously as we bring about the future by way of the past. Imagine the good old days if there had been podcasting, and you have a good idea of our approach to all this. This is our attempt to recreate what audiences would have heard had Tyler's plans with The Knightmare not fallen through.

Speaking of podcasting...
Tonight is another episode of The Geekerati Podcast, and I and my fellows will be discussing the best videogames of 2007.

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