Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas...

Right now I am at the office alone - cleaning up a few things, writing a few emails, organizing - you know the things you do to keep from doing the serious writing you need to get done like a certain internet radio script.

(that reminds me - I should pull the vacuum cleaner out, and give the office the once over)

I like being in the office alone. I get the BS stuff out of the way, and then get the writing done in a quiet, productive atmosphere that allows me to really think and create. Being alone allows me the opportunity to turn off my "internal editor" and just write - like a pulp writer should be able to do.

Lots in store for the new year - The Knightmare, a story for Astonishing Adventures (issue #2 just came out), a redesign for the blog including additional links and resources, a graphic novel I'm finishing writing, and a few other surprises all related to my pushing the limits of what can be accomplished on the web (podcasts with Geekerati, a movie, a series and a serial as well as publishing). The other day my friend Allyson - bless her cotton socks - told me that writing The Knightmare and moving the web forward is "totally" what I should be doing with my time and effort. I cannot disagree.

(And with that in mind I may have to change the name of the blog to match this epiphany)

Thematically, this blog won't change much - I'm going to discuss the ins and outs of writing and producing and marketing media - but it won't be just disc - content. That seems to be too limiting ya know? If there's anything the strike is teaching us right now, it's that there's a whole realm of possibility out there on the web for creative folks like us (that's why the conglomerates are trying to keep us away from it) and it really, truly is up to us as individuals to reach outside the norm and become the CEO's of our own destiny.

Let's make that our Christmas present to ourselves shall we?


Your Mad Pulp Bastard


EditorJDC said...

A happy holiday to you Bill.


wcdixon said...

Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays, Bill...

Cunningham said...

John, Dix -

Thanks, boys. Peace to you and yours.

Aric Blue said...

Merry Christmas, Bill! Can't wait to see the new name