Friday, December 14, 2007

This Looks Promising...

Zuda Comics is going ahead with their second webcomics contest, and amongst the featured is this pulpy bit of business that caught my eye. Go check it out.

What's interesting is that Zuda (a division of DC) is taking an old format (comics) and adapting it to the web. Most of these comics are not to my taste at all (thanks to the cartoonish drawing style), but I do like THE CROOKED MAN and got a chuckle out of THE NITE OWLS.

That's what the internet gets you kids - a new way to deliver classic stuff to your audience. Just ask Gregg over at Decoder Ring Theatre. (More on that later), Francesco Francavilla at Pulp Sunday and Tom Floyd at Captain Spectre.

*** and not to forget our own Geekerati Podcast in which we discuss all these things ***


Gabriel said...

Thanks for the support, Bill!

Gabriel Hardman
artist/co-writer. The Crooked Man

Bill Cunningham said...

You are quite welcome sir. We will have to have you and Corinna on the Geekerati podcast to discuss Crooked Man's development.

Gabriel said...

Sounds great!

Gabriel Hardman