Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thanks All!

I had a great birthday yesterday that was completely quiet and "normal" and so stress free that it was... magic.

I got up in the morning and slung the laptop on my shoulder and headed to the coffee shop. There, I leisurely worked through my email and sat back on the nice leather couch and stared at all the worker bees as they zipped in for their "mocha, frappe, latte, soy, chai with a shot" drinks. Whatever happened to coffee?

I struck up a conversation with a young lady, who was cute, flirty and waaay too young for me. Ah yes, It does a body good. Especially on your birthday.

I watched Denis McGrath's recent episode of THE BORDER on my Veoh TV player. Denis, FYI - the opening computer/video credits look really good on a laptop, as if they were made for that presentation. Story was great too, but that credit sequence "fit" my laptop. I rarely see that on any "teevee" I see on the web.

I then went to my local comic book shop and spent money on several pulpy items. I had already received this in the mail so I was there for periodicals not books. Mission accomplished.

I went back to the house and went for the traditional "Three S" routine (Sh*t, Shower, Shave) and then checked my email - well-wishes hit my blog. Big smiles.

By this time - after I perused the latest issue of CRIMINAL, I got dressed and went over to a special screening of John Roger's new television show for TNT, LEVERAGE. Good show. Good time. Great conversation. But of course, even when I just bump into John over at the comic shop we end up sparking ideas everywhere. I had a great time and know that you will too when the show premieres later this year. I walked out of the screening awash in ideas and enthusiasm.

Then I trotted home, stopping by Taco Bell on the way, and chatting with Shawna as I did so. I got home, checked the email and had more well-wishes. Smiles all around.

Several comics later, I was fast asleep. No alcohol required.

Magic. The kind we often take for granted.

Happy birthday to me.


Kelly J. Compeau said...

Nice to hear you had a lovely, magical time as you celebrated your birthday, Bill.

Belated wishes.

Hugs & kisses,


Shawna said...

You know, you could have *mentioned* it was your birthday when I talked to you.

Happy Un-Birthday, now, MPB.

Cunningham said...

That would have made it about me, and I wanted to share the other stuff...

That was more important.

DMc said...


what do you mean "no alcohol required?"

....what does that even mean?

Happy Belated!

Aric Blue said...

Happy late B-day!

wely said...

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