Thursday, February 28, 2008

This came to my InBox....

So I thought I would share what's cooking over at StrikeTv:

Hello StrikeTVer's,

It's been awhile since we've communicated with all of you en masse, but now that the strike is over we realized an update was long overdue. We're happy to tell you that StrikeTV is thundering forward. We've truly been amazed by the response from the creative community. Although we've largely flown under the radar for the past few weeks, this has been an incredibly productive time for all of us. Currently, we've got 30 to 40 projects in various stages of pre-production, production or post-production. That's incredible for an enterprise that was only started in January. And these projects are going to give StrikeTV a truly diverse and eclectic slate of shows. We've got comedies, dramas, procedurals, some animation, game shows, sci-fi, horror and even two soap operas.

The writers creating these shows represent such well-known movies and TV shows as Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel, Tomb Raider and Die Hard, The Daily Show, The Office, Law & Order, the Child's Play films, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Prairie Home Companion, Lonelygirl 15, 30 Days of Night, Ghost Whisperer, 8 Simple Rules, General Hospital, Star Trek: Next Generation, King of Queens and the Bob Newhart Show (and yes, we've even got Bob Newhart himself!), among many others.

We've also gotten a tremendous outpouring of support and assistance from the entire entertainment community. Below-the-line crew members, actors, directors, editors, composers and even lawyers have stepped up and donated their time, expertise and energy to our mission. As to our cause -- the Writers Guild Foundation's Industry Support Fund - the fund is going to be a necessary resource for non-WGA members for months to come. The collateral damage of the writers strike, and the possibility of a SAG strike, is going to be affecting non-writing members of the industry well into the summer. So StrikeTV's purpose and mandate is still clear -- to raise money for the Industry Support Fund by monetizing original scripted content on the Internet.

But wait, the strike is over. Are you going to keep the name StrikeTV?

Yes, we are. Aside from being a strong brand name, as well as speaking to our endeavor being born from the writers strike, we want to expand upon its meaning. StrikeTV is about writers "striking out on their own," "striking while the iron is hot in New Media." It's about writers being entrepreneurial, independent and empowered.

Okay, so how do you plan on distributing StrikeTV?

To that end, we at StrikeTV Central are in the midst of ongoing discussions with potential sponsors. We're not ready to reveal specifics just yet, but suffice to say that the launch of StrikeTV is something we are handling with great deliberation and care. We want StrikeTV to be seen by as many people worldwide as possible, so it's in all of our best interests to take a little extra time and do it right. As a result, the launch of StrikeTV probably won't happen until late March. We hope to be able to make some more specific announcements very soon, and we're also planning on holding a meeting for all StrikeTV creators to discuss our launch strategy in full detail.

Until then, keep up the great work! The finished projects are already starting to come in, and we couldn't be more excited about where we're all headed.

All the best,

The StrikeTV Team

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