Friday, April 11, 2008

The Pulp Writer's Warm-up...

I am a pulp writer...

My laptop is my chisel, my desk my workbench. I use them to chip away at the block of stone (or wood or clay) that we call Story.

I write even when I don't want to because I know that when I write I am at my best and most creative. The doing leads to the inspiration.

I write a lot and I write everything I can: short stories, comics, screenplays, plays, articles, etc...because it makes me a better writer.

(Beautiful art by Sean Phillips of Criminal fame)

I bring everything that I am to my work - my thoughts, fears, strengths, weaknesses and my experience. My writing is a reflection of who I am and how seriously I take my craft even when the deadline is Tuesday.

My first job is to entertain. Everything after that is frosting.

Now that my fingers are warmed up... time to hit it.

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Sean Hood said...

Nice post. The inspiration comes after the work of writing has started, not before.