Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Add Some Sex to Your Netflix List!

Friend of the blog John Oak Dalton (see sidebar) reminded me today that you can all add SEX MACHINE to your Netflix listing very easily by just going here.

SEX MACHINE is the outrageous pulp movie written by Dalton and Director Christopher Sharpe, distributed by Anthem DVD. It contains tons of pulpy goodness and extras on how they made this weird tribute to Frankenstein and Tarantino. You can read more about the movie's history here.

MTV says: "For fans of mad scientist flicks, “Terminator” style adventures and Dario Argento splatter, Sex Machine is a must."

Here's links for other critical thought-provoking reviews.

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John Oak Dalton said...

Even better, you can "Watch Instantly" and not even have to wait for it to be delivered to your mailbox.