Thursday, July 03, 2008

July 4th Weekend Whizdom

"You can make a movie inexpensively or you can make it cheap. Have the brains to know the difference." -- me

"I don't want to make the movie I want to see. I want to make the movie others want to see." -- Fred Olen Ray

"You can do it my way, or you can do it my way, angry. Which is it going to be?" -- me

“…once [Wanted] is up and running, Hollywood just comes knocking. When I sold one a few years back they said “Right, very well. What else you got?” And I’m like, “Nothing. I don’t own anything else I’ve been working on.” And they were laughing, like, “Ah, that’s stupid.” -- Mark Millar


Unknown said...

And now I'm curious as to the context of your angry quote.

Cunningham said...

I told someone to do a task in a certain way and they "knew better" and did it their way - the wrong way. Because they did it wrong it ended up creating more work for me, so I made them do it over. They shot me a look, and I said what I said.

If you have a question, ask it, but never second guess your boss. You could screw something up that you know nothing about and create more work.

Dan Abrams said...

LOVE the first quote. Going to steal it. Hope you don't mind. i'll attribute it to you, and hopefully it ends up an idiom.