Friday, August 22, 2008

Cinevolve Does It 'til They're Blu in the...

From Today's Video Business:

"Cinevolve Studios will include inexpensively priced Blu-ray Disc titles in its initial home entertainment slate.

The CineBlu Collection will feature “Blu-ray titles at DVD prices,” according to Arik Treston, co-founder and CEO of Cinevolve. “We believe the new and better format shouldn’t be a luxury item, and we want audiences to see our films on the best formats out there.”
The company’s standard DVD titles will be priced lower than the Blu-ray titles."

(FYI - not all titles shown will be available in the Blu-Ray format)

Full disclosure: We at Firebrain have been happily working with Cinevolve (Hi, Arik! Hi, Nicole!) and we're pleased as punch they are getting the attention they deserve. The only key art we've created thus far is FINALLY LILIAN & DAN, but rest assured you will be seeing more kick ass design from Firebrain on Cinevolve titles.

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