Friday, August 22, 2008

Even if the Pay Isn't Great Now....

The internet is opportunity.

From Today's Video Business:

"U.S. consumer spending on direct-to-TV Internet video content will jump fivefold within the next five years as customers find more ways to connect their TVs to the Web with videogame consoles, video-on-demand set-top boxes and other components.

TV-related Internet-video revenue will surge to almost $5 billion annually by 2013, from less than $1 billion this year, and will account for 75% of all Internet-video revenue, research firm Parks Associates said in a report released last week. The trend is likely to benefit studios with large back catalogs, but cable companies looking to boost revenue from video-on-demand services could feel the brunt, the company said.

The forecast exceeds those of studios such as Lionsgate, which said in June that sales from digitally delivered content would more than double to almost $3.6 billion in 2013, from about $1.5 billion this year, despite U.S. home entertainment sales rising just 7% to $26.8 billion."

Get in on the ground floor...

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