Sunday, August 24, 2008

Do You have Designs for Pulp Greatness?

Since we're giving the old blog here a new coat of paint, I thought it might be fun to run an open invitation for graphic designers to create appropriate Pulp 2.0 Blog Headers!

You send me a jpeg sized to fit in the above header bar (740px X 100px) that has a "pulp in the new media" theme. No text as we'll fit the image behind the text provided by Blogger. I'd prefer it to fit right inside the space so that it has a maroon edge around it. Rounded edges are good too, but not required.

I will of course pimp out the designers who provide me with pulpy visual goodness.

So go forth and show off your pulpy skills!


Rusty James said...

Got Swag?

Cunningham said...

If your header is voted by the audience as being the "Best Example of Pulp 2.0" then yes, I do have some swag.