Monday, August 25, 2008

Header 1: Old School

Here's something that I cut out from a PD image I had of how newsstands used to look. My only problem is that my "Pulp Entertainment, Digital Distribution" monicker is a little lost.

But look at all the magazines that were available back then! Publishers tried everything didn't they?

Let's make the internet look like that with new pulp stories and art and entertainment!

To answer an email - yes, I will be restoring many of the links I had previously. Just give this guy some time okay? I am a little busy getting ready for this.


Curt Purcell said...

Can't you change the color of the font to pop a little more against the background of the header?

Jill Golick said...

The blog looks great. Congrats.

Cunningham said...

Thanks, Jill. Still unpacking boxes and dusting things off , but I feel "moved in."

Wait til I set up the entertainment system...