Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Movies & Comics, Comics & Movies...

Just growing closer together all the time.

From Newsarama:

Bluewater Productions and Roger Corman are teaming up to excite a new generation of genre fans as the independent comic publisher and legendary genre filmmaker plan to readapt and re-imagine some of Corman's popular work.

Starting in 2009, several of Corman's movies will be "given the Bluewater treatment" under the title "Roger Corman Presents." Some of the first properties being produced include "Death Stalker," "The Barbarian Queen," "Humanoids From The Deep" and a re-franchising of Corman's super heroine "Black Scorpion" which previously found success as two made-for-cable movies on Showtime and a 22 one hour episodes on the Sci Fi Channel.

Corman said: "Comic books have given me so much over the years that it's time I gave something back to the medium."

As Bluewater now is working with both Corman and the Vincent Price estate, it is certain that several of the horror classics based on the Edgar Allen Poe stories will also be produced in comic form in the near future.

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