Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Good Morning Pulpy Purveyors of...

(okay, enough. Try as I might I cannot channel Stan Lee. Probably because he's not dead yet...no wait...no, there's still a pulse).

Settling into the new blog skin here, and wondering when I'll find the time to finish adding the techno-gadgets to the blog to let me know who and where you are. I also have to revise my resume' and add the video component to the blog. There may be some color changes as well.

You'll also see a gallery of artwork that I've art-directed, and links to Pulp 2.0 Digest which will house short stories, and other cool stuff which I think will be of interest. Think of this spot as the corner bar where you can sit down and jabber, and Digest as the corner newsstand where you can thumb through the Pulps and the Sweats for free.

So here's your chance to direct me. What stuff do you want to see here and in the Digest?



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