Thursday, October 23, 2008

Eavesdropping on The Conversation: Brand Building

Scott Kirsner highlights some of the speakers from THE CONVERSATION which occurred last weekend in SF.

One highlight is Ted Hope's discussion on what filmmakers need to think about. From Scott's post:

The independent film producer Ted Hope proposed that filmmakers need to be think about creating material for their Web sites to pique viewer's interest before their film's festival debut.... and more material to bridge the gap between the debut and the theatrical release...and still more between the theatrical release and the DVD... and yet more after the DVD, to keep DVD (and digital) sales humming.

To me, it sounds like the film is just one component of a story that you start telling before your first festival showing... and continue to build on and embroider even after you've released the DVD and digital download. The "movie release date" becomes just one milestone in this conversation between you and your audience. Some people who participate in the conversation may never actually buy a ticket or a download... while others may become so engaged that they buy everything you offer, and help market your movie to everyone they know.


This is two things:

1) utilizing the power of the internet to be different media all at once.

2) This is branding. Intellectual property building.

Filmmakers and novelists and other creatives need to figure this shit out now. Their book, comic, movie, animation, music, radio drama, is only the beginning. A book isn't just between the covers. A movie isn't just onscreen.

Don't think small. Think about how you can add to your creation. How you can translate it. How it can have further value - both to you and your audience.

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Eric Cattani said...

Great post. A new video game called, "Dead Space" is a perfect example. An incredible website that consisted of a free online game and audio comic. A strong presence at Comi-Con. Interviews on podcast like the Slice of SciFi. All before the release date of October 8th. Now, an animated horor DVD will be released October 28th right before Halloween. Valuable learning lessons for people who are paying attention.