Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Welcome, Folks!

I see there's a lot of you coming over from Movie City News in regards to my post on How Not to Design A Genre Poster.

My name is Bill Cunningham and I make my bones working in the motion picture business. Fortunately for me that business is constantly changing as I have ADD when it comes to my work. I design, write, produce, market, distribute pulpy movies, prose, and screenplays. I also like to use the internet to make my job easier and more profitable.

John Rogers started calling me the "Mad Pulp Bastard" and the name has stuck. But he's only half-right as my parents were married when I was born. I use the lessons learned from pulp fiction publishing and apply it to new media. You'd be amazed at how the two industries are similar.

Take a look in the sidebar at my FB, Linked In, and Resume' pages to get an idea of all of the stuff I've done or am doing.

Kick your shoes off.
Beer's in the fridge.


B said...

It's too late for me to do so but I will be devouring every post on here as soon as I get time. I read your poster break down and submitted it to YouTube as well as some of your other posts. This is great information here and I am already a fan of yours.

Cunningham said...

Um...just to be clear, that isn't me in the video. I don't understand the reference to "submitting it to YouTube," but I'll check it out.