Saturday, December 06, 2008

Clean Out The Garage! I'm Going to Make a TV Series!

While not quite there, it's close if this post by PREPSHOOTPOST is to be believed in regard as to how stupid cheap and "easy" this is....

And it gets these results.

I am especially emboldened by this statement:

"After spending four weeks shooting actors, props and some motion tracking shots, I could see how a small, dedicated group of artists could take any cheap, roll-up door industrial space in any edge city in America and churn out the next "300"."

and this:

"The production cost could actually be pretty low since the technology is stupid-cheap at this point. The trick is having that talented group of artists also include some talented writers and actors."

No location fees, permits, "officials" (cops directing traffic) or interruptions. An enclosed, safe environment that if managed properly and safely can yield fantastic results for pennies on the dollar. Of course, you would need insurance and some of those "officials" on days you were doing a stunt that involved firearms, flame or chemicals -- but you would need that anyway if you were simply storing those sorts of items there.

And let's freaking take this idea further: A series of episodes produced exclusively for the PSP.

Bar raised.


Aric Blue said...

Yeah, it's incredibly tempting to try, isn't it? Been thinking about it myself...

Cunningham said...

I am working with someone to do just this...oops! Did I say that out loud?