Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Monkey is Leveraging the Pulp

From the Kung Fu Monkey.

"Yes, we made 13 prime time episodes of television with stuff you can buy at your local Apple store. "

From the Apple FCP article:

Devlin kicked off his more-for-less strategy by devising an end-to-end Final Cut workflow for the show’s pilot episode: “My goal on the pilot was to stay entirely within Final Cut Studio and really see how far we could take it. We color corrected in Color, we edited in Final Cut Pro, we mixed in Soundtrack Pro. We delivered the show without ever going to an outside post house.”

And he says that the extreme inside moves had immediate and conspicuous results: “The workflow really exceeded all of our expectations. We were trying to do a show that costs about twice as much as we had the money for, and the Final Cut post workflow allowed us to take every dollar we saved and put it back up on the screen."

Putting. The. Value. On. Screen.

Where have I heard that before?

The show is on tonight. Check it out.

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