Friday, January 30, 2009

Budda Budda Buck!

Produced in a classic Dick Calkins style no less! (with a heaping spoonful of SKY CAPTAIN thrown in for good measure).

From the YouTube page:

This is a 5 min. short film I did for my Intermediate Editing class at the Art Institute of Colorado where I am majoring in Visual Effects. The movie is inspired by the way Buck originally appeared in the early Twentieth Century,and has several nods to my fav movie Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow by the awesome Kerry Conran. This film took a total of four weeks to complete from start to finish. Everything was filmed in front of a green sheet thumbtacked to my living room wall, and the models/animation was done in the 3d studio max. Compositing was done in Adobe After effects.
The Buck costume was based on the soon to be released Buck Rogers 1/6 figure by's Steve Forde. Major kudos to Steve for reviving Buck as he first appeared back in the 20's/30s.
Gee- what will those kids do next?

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