Thursday, January 29, 2009

That Rushing Sound You Hear...

Is Hollywood moving in to meet the demand of the internet.

Yes, we live in interesting times, folks.

Television isn't commissioning many pilots so creatives are moving around to fill, what they see is a void. However the internet isn't TeeVee, and there will be many challenges to overcome:

- less money upfront.
- a different creative/production/distribution methodology.
- the need for flexibility, responsiveness.
- the job isn't done because the episode is up and running online. The job is only starting.

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Caine said...

This isn't suprising. What is, has more to do with all of the bandwith limitations that cable providers are trying to put on internet usage [like Cox recently]. One side of the equation, content providers or content hosts, are obviously overstating what they will be able to do. I wonder which one it will be...