Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Attention Citizens: I'm Your Watch-Man..Uh Huh!

More infectious viral marketing from those folks at Warners.

They can be found here (because they disabled the embed function)

Edit to add: Just because we love this tune and have a vision of a zombie hitman unleashed upon Chicago's underworld every time we hear it -

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1 comment:

S. Harlan Cone said...

Thanks for taking the time to click over to Tolkheidon. :)

The Watchmen viral stuff has been great. The late 70's/early 80's newscasts about Dr. Manhattan are genius.

Not only is the internet opening new doors for creation and distribution, but its carving out entirely new channels for marketing. Whether its highly interactive things like the esurance game for Star Trek or intensive world building like Watchmen has been doing, the trend towards community building is exciting.