Thursday, February 19, 2009

Random Thinkmeat Firings...

Well, the Half-Life discussion continues across the blogosphere and has connected me to many of you discussing this short film. I've sent an email to the Purchase Bros. hoping to get them on Geekerati for an hour long discussion on their pulp filmmaking. Rogers promises to write a longer post as to what it means as a viable production model.

(And yes, it is a viable production model, not necessarily for a single entity but for a collective, which I think will be his point. I will have more on this and my plans along these lines in my Pulp Legion Electrogram. If you haven't signed up do so now by going to the subscription area in my sidebar >>>>>>>>>)

I will have another story finished soon for Astonishing. (Metaphorically) Editor Katherine is perched on my shoulder with her cat o' nine tails in hand. I am late. I have totally blown my Norvell Page rep.

But damn it... I'm witing a movie, and setting up a...(oh crap! Almost gave it all away!)

Thanks to cousin Trevor I've discovered this. Big ideas that are downloadable.

Before I go to sleep (late) at night I've been reading the back issues of this character. Huge style and storytelling leaps when this guy took over the artwork. You can tell he thought about it, and along with the writer made it special.

As did this guy.

[Thinkmeat drained]

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