Monday, April 13, 2009

Pimpin' Freshmyn...

One of the good things about working at a graphic design firm is that occasionally I get to help my friends out with their projects.

This short film by Jody Lindke was screened at the USC Norris screenings and at the DGA. As I understand it both the screening and the poster were a hit.

FRESHMYN is about a freshman girl who's debating on whether or not to lose her virginity during finals. She feels vulnerable, confused and frustrated. Yes, it's a comedy...

(Leopard print boy shorts = comedy. Always)

But this poster shows how much you can communicate visually (crossed arms = vulnerable; Title treatment screams "College"; Pink = feminine; Torso = sexy; film strip emphasizes the story and the character's shyness)

The text itself was designed to emphasize what the character is focusing on in the movie and not just impart "information." In this case, it draws your eyes right to the heart of the matter.

The team put this cohesive image together, and reworked it a little bit to strengthen the focus. Then it was approved and printed right here in the office. If this had been a full campaign we would have also designed a DVD casewrap, sell sheet, web banner, and some digital assets (an email blast or email-able press kit).***

(No, I don't know the reason for the title's spelling. You'll have to see the movie)

*** If your movie needs key art or a full marketing campaign then send me an email and we can discuss pricing. My email is in my Blogger profile or you can go here.

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