Sunday, April 12, 2009

Serve It Up!

Johnnie To is one of the Hong Kong filmmakers whose work is extremely popular in his homeland and is critically regarded elsewhere. His work is seen here primarily through the medium of DVD and Cable and the occasional action film festival release or "special screening."

He doesn't get the respect he richly deserves here in the states - at least not on par with the likes of Woo or Yuen or others - but he has a unique style and perspective he brings to genre material. Check out this movie and others in his filmography.

You'll be glad you did.


Anonymous said...

Bill, there doesn't seem to be a picture on the embed. There's sound but nothing else.

Cunningham said...

Nope - it's working. Make sure your softwares up to date.

Unknown said...

Hi Bill,
we do not know each other and I discovered your blog I am Vince, a young guy who tweet' about cinema (that's my account: I don't know when the film released in the UK/US, but I know a person who worked on the shooting of the last Johnnie To's movie "vengeance". He was able to get some pictures that I put on You Tube

Extract 1

Extract 2

Extract 3

The quality is not very good but we see some scenes that look cool, What do you think? I saw it on any other American website, so I send you this message.

All the best


Cunningham said...

Thanks, Vince. i'll take a look at these when I have a stronger internet connection in the morning.